15 Reasons Kids Are Literally The Worst Roommates Ever

Have you ever tried to live with a child? DON'T DO IT.

1. Every time you get a package, this happens.
2. This is how they eat. ALL the time. Disgusting.
3. They don't take Spaghetti Night seriously.
4. This happens every time they try to bake.
5. Every. Time.
6. They will make you part of their art project without asking.
7. They do not respect your kitchen system.
8. They do not respect ANYTHING of yours.
9. They will come inside the house like this. Animals.
10. This was a couch once.
11. They eat ALL your peanut butter.
12. AND your goldfish crackers.
13. They are tiny little monsters.
14. And they have no souls.
15. And even when they try to clean up: this happens.

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