17 Insanely Giant 80s Bangs That Will Fill You With Awe And Wonder

The 80s were a weird time, you guys. A weird and WONDERFUL time.

1. Giant waterfall bangs go with everything.
2. Long hair? Make your bangs look like a chrysanthemum.
3. Short hair? Make your whole head look like a chrysanthemum.
4. You know what goes good with a mullet? SERIOUS BANGS.
5. For some reason this is making me crave ramen noodles.
7. This cutie has not just height, but FORWARD VOLUME. She'll never walk into a wall. Her hair will stop her.
8. She used one whole can of AquaNet per day, but it was worth it.
9. Not sure about going all the way? Just do half. It looks half as cool.
10. She was embarrassed about how small her bangs were, so she overcompensated with the rest of her hair.
11. I seriously thought she had a dog on her head.
12. She wanted to be able to kill a man with her bangs. She got her wish.
13. The ol' Up and Back, a classic.
15. Even celebrities could not escape this trend. Demi, why?
16. Janet, how?
17. I'm not sure what trends of today we'll look back on with concern, but one thing's for sure: no one today has donut bangs.

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