19 Ridiculously Sexist Vintage Ads. Yes, These Are Actually Real.

1. Men are the best, except when it comes to feeding themselves.
2. If your husband isn't romancing you, your skin-care regimen is to blame.
3. "GAP-OSIS" is a truly terrible euphemism for a badly-cut dress.
4. Being "skinny" was a deal-breaker, according to this ad, which also claims that ingesting yeast makes you attractive (???)
5. There were SO MANY ways to lose "him."
6. Stockings with runs could have life-long consequences.
7. When this ad was made, insurers had not yet realized that women have fewer accidents than men.
8. He seems like a keeper.
9. This is how I would feel if I was surrounded by these coffee commercials.
10. Does your wife have morning sickness? Don't worry, just dose her with drugs so she can cook you breakfast.
11. Nothing says "I love you, Merry Christmas!" like a vacuum.
12. I can't even.
13. Nope, this one makes no sense either.
14. OBVIOUSLY it's more important to be pretty than clever.
15. Good looks aren't enough, though, when you buy the wrong deodorant.
16. Want to avoid terrorizing male family members? Choose the right brand of soap.
17. A garishly-patterned tie will get you breakfast in bed and world domination.
18. A breakfast cereal that helps you do MORE HOUSEWORK. Where has this been all my life.
19. Nothing puts a woman in her place like a two-tone cuban heel.

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