The 19 Worst Life Hacks You'll Ever See

1. Throw away your coin purse and try this plastic mushroom box.

2. Everyone needs a gigantic clown suit made from old umbrellas.

3. "Sudden inspiration" led to this confection of aluminum foil and strange red gobs.

4. Random sandwich bags are a great way to class up your hall table.

5. Summery.

6. Cereal boxes: the last word in minimalist home decor.

7. Your bathroom trash will look glam wearing this feather boa.

8. Make your beautiful glass coffee table safe AND hideous with cereal box corners.

9. We're not sure "Granny's cereal" is a compliment.

10. Having a party? Break out the random stones!

11. Umbelievable.

12. I just can't imagine this was the best option.

13. Who needs beads? Or anything, really, except old bottle tops and string?

14. A toilet roll is JUST like a lockbox. Really.

15. Never leave the house without a used tea bag.

16. How to liven up your favorite flower.

17. The perfect hall decor.

18. Nothing is more festive than drawing pins.

19. This guy is a hero.

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