22 People Who Made The Worst Decisions Ever

1. Is that...duct taped together?
2. No. No no no no.
3. This is how you ruin your boat AND your truck.
4. They do know that's where TRAINS go, right?
5. How?????
6. Darwin Awards nominations are coming up.
7. Maybe the inside is dirty too.
8. This just looks stupid.
9. Thankfully, it'll probably take a while to saw through that limb.
10. Want to feel anxious? HERE YOU GO.
11. That's not how that works.
12. Guys. GUYS.
13. This one seems okay. *scrolls down* Oh dear. That won't end well.
14. Are those BOXES???
15. Oh god oh god oh god.
16. I hope the guy on the ground lost a bet.
17. I don't know which guy is in the worst spot here.
18. My favorite detail: the WOODEN PLANK keeping the golf cart in place.
19. He looks comfy...for now.
20. Gaaahhhhh no.
21. They are on a FREEWAY.
22. Come on. That pug can't drive.

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