14 Animals Whose Colors AREN'T What You're Expecting!

1. Purple Polar Bear
This poor bear had a skin condition that required medication, which turned him purple. This is real.
2. Purple Squirrel
The provenance of this purple squirrel (named Pete) is still a mystery, though one theory proposes that he chewed on some purple ink cartridges and groomed it into his own fur, but I think he fell in some grape Kool-Aid.
3. Blue Lobster
This 1-in-2 million chance was caught in Maine by 14-year-old Meghan and her dad.
4. Split Lobster
The normal color for lobsters in the wild is the dark almost-black you see here, but this one lacks pigment in its other half, giving it a festive Halloween coloration. This phenomenon is seen about once in every 50 to 100 million lobsters!
5. Pink Dolphins
These Indo-pacific humpbacks - more commonly known as pink dolphins - live in Underwater World in Singapore.
6. Albino Zebra
This albino zebra is sometimes called a Golden Zebra, just like those yellow Oreos.
7. White Gorilla
This gorilla, named Snowflake, is the result of inbreeding in the wild.
8. Green Puppies
Two puppies of this Spanish litter were born BRIGHT GREEN. They were smaller and weaker than the rest of the litter, and it's still unknown why they were born half-dog and half-Incredible Hulk.
9. Pink Katydid
Most katydids seen in the wild are green, but they come in pink as well. Scientists believe that the pink coloration is actually a DOMINANT trait in katydids, but they are so vivid among green trees and bushes that most pink ones do not survive to adulthood.
10. White Peacock
Unlike some all-white animals, white peacocks are NOT albinos. Albino creatures have pink or red eyes - this peacock has leucism, which is a reduction in ALL skin pigments, not just melanin.
12. Banana Slug
The bright yellow banana slug is the mascot of the University of California at Santa Cruz. You've probably heard of this guy. But did you know that there is a KETCHUP SLUG to go with this MUSTARD SLUG???
13. Red Triangle Slug
This blood-red slug was only discovered in 2013 in a remote part of Australia, so unfortunately, it's unlikely to meet a banana slug, which lives in the Pacific Northwest.
14. Mwanza Flat-headed Agama
This "Spider-Man" lizard lives in Africa, and (as per usual) this bright coloration is limited to only the males of the species.

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