23 Absolutely Terrifying Plates of Food That Someone Actually Ate

1. Guacamole Worm Salad.
2. Fruit Cocktail Supreme With Tiny Ham Cubes.
3. Chocolate Pudding a la Broccoli.
4. Box of Terror.
5. Wheatgrass Pulp With Cucumber Wig.
6. Gravy Pit Spaghetti (With Cheese)
7. Breakfast Fiesta.
8. Dumpling Sausage Surprise. (The surprise is American cheese.)
9. Egg Island on an Ocean of Macaroni.
10. Wagon Wheel Watusi.
11. Mountain of Egg Salad With Canned Ham Foothills.
12. Nachos a la Mode With Hardboiled Egg Garnish.
13. The Worst Dessert In The World.
14. Omelet in a Lake of Gravy.
15. Ennui: The Meal.
16. Cupboard Remnants Du Jour.
17. Olive Explosion.
18. Popcorn Taco.
19. Ramen Taco.
20. Sadness Taco.
21. The Walnut Pepper Experience.
22. Burrito Alfredo.
23. Vomit Block.

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