The 25 Funniest Times People Thought The Onion Was Real

The Onion is a satire newspaper. These people missed the memo.

1. "Weirdoos."
2. "We are losing this generation."
3. "Actually, more evidence is coming out about it."
4. "There has to be more to it."
5. "Nothing better to do I guess."
6. "OMG this guy is even sicker than I thought."
7. "Can't hardly believe it is true."
8. "Yeah right!"
9. "She killed our soldiers now food poisoning what's next for her."
10. "You can't even make that shit up."
11. "How is this even possible?"
12. "Just basic common sense."
13. "It almost doesn't sound real."
14. "People actually believe porn?"
15. "This isn't helping."
16. "That is your opinion."
17. "Pretty sure it's a joke."
"No, I don't think so."
18. "I don't dought that."
19. "This was no f**king accident."
20. "4th guy in less than 6 months."
21. "Thankful I don't live in Chicago."
22. "Pointless."
23. "What is the point...?"
24. "I called the ONION.COM...they are just a bunch of scammers!!!"

These are all from the wonderful blog Literally Unbelievable, which has collected thousands more Onion-based misunderstandings.

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