19 Things Only People Who Really, Truly Love Pizza Will Understand

1. You want to eat pizza all the time.

2. You can hear someone mention pizza at 50 yards.

3. When you're not ACTIVELY eating pizza, you're thinking about it.

4. You have said this, without irony, in real life.

5. Pizza is actually the best and longest-lasting relationship you've had.

6. There's nothing in the world like this feeling.

7. You have written a soulful '90s ballad about pizza.

8. You have danced about pizza. Then eaten it.

9. #selfie

10. You IRL.

11. You find pizza wherever you can.

12. When you're done eating pizza, what you want to do is eat more pizza.

13. The only reason you haven't done this is because your pizza would get wet.

14. When someone takes your pizza, you are SURE they are being controlled by the dark side.

15. You follow Digiorno Pizza on Twitter. IT'S NOT DELIVERY.

16. Your two favorite words.

17. When you want pizza, Pizza Rolls will NOT suffice. But you'll still eat them.

18. Any pizza, any time. That's your philosophy.

19. In conclusion:

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