12 Extremely Legit-Looking Notes Forged By Children

1. Riley's violin teacher DEFINITELY thought this was from Riley's mom.
2. This is TOTALLY what happened.
3. Dad TOTALLY wrote this.
4. This note is definitely from the teacher.
5. This is for SURE a real medical condition.
6. This note from "Mom" says he can take his PSP to school every day. LEGIT.
7. That *is* her name, after all.
8. This REALLY looks like dad's signature.
9. It was signed today! How much more legit can you get?
10. It says RIGHT THERE that she is the techer. Must be true.
11. Okay, this could be a valid excuse. (It really doesn't sound like it is, though.)
12. Don't forget, kids: honesty is always the best policy.

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