19 Incredible Fashions People Actually Used To Wear In The 1970s

1. "Oh hey Cynthia! Listen, have I told you about paisley? I LOVE IT."
2. Great news! Stewardesses on Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Airlines now have a wide variety of uniform options.
3. "Yes. My clones turned out very nicely."
5. They said sweater pants were impossible. They were wrong.
6. It's like a towel...but it's a dress.
7. Cossack Dancer Lite.
8. I don't need full-length pants to look fully amazing.
9. This bar made out of a psychiatrist's couch is actually a great deal.
10. The first rule of Young Club is you don't talk about Young Club.
11. The second rule of Young Club is that everyone must wear a minimum of four colors.
12. The third rule of Young Club is tight pants.
13. Just some guys, hanging out in a...recording studio and recording on a single microphone. Like you do.
15. I know what boys like: FUR VESTS.
16. I always look cool. But I look the most cool when I wear a hat the size and shape of a small pizza.
17. Sometimes we switch sweaters - isn't that just WILD? Oh, we have fun.
18. I could rest my chin on my hand, sure, but then I might look ridiculous.
19. You guys. You CANNOT all play Pong together.

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