Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?

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Created by
Mary Noble
Jan 9, 2018

Can you beat our quiz?

Can we guess your highest education level? There's a lot of info to know out there. Literature, history, science, foreign languages, sports -- there's a reason high schools (and even colleges, although who the hell is ever going to need to know calculus) insist on a broader, more general education. You kind of have to know a lot of different things just to exist in life, so of course you'd have to know them to pass in school. But how many facts do you know? Do you know which animal group frogs belong to? How about which novel begins "Call me Ishmael"? Or what cubism is? How about how old the Earth is? Or even which 1954 US Supreme Court decision ended segregation in schools? Or which gas is most prevalent in the Earth's atmosphere? Or which historical event is associated with Robespierre? Or how about who Romeo is in love with at the start of Romeo and Juliet (hint: it isn't Juliet)? Do you have a PhD, a master's or a BA? Or did you leave high school for the School of Life? Whatever your education level, this quiz will try to figure it out. Can we figure out your education level on the basis of your general knowledge? Take the quiz and find out! Let’s Play
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