QUIZ: Can You Name All Of These Iconic Women?

Created by
Robert DeSalvo
Nov 30, 2017

Are you smart enough to identify all of the iconic women in these photos?

You probably can't pass this quiz about iconic women. All of the women in this quiz made significant contributions to our culture, whether they were politicians, entertainers, scientists, authors or civil rights champions. Do you know who is called the "Queen of All Media"? How about the Hollywood actress who became the princess of Monaco? Would you recognize the first woman who flew solo over the Atlantic Ocean if you saw her picture? This quiz also includes the head of the Underground Railroad, a famous Jewish victim of WWII who wrote a diary, a scientist who studied radioactivity, the lead singer of Blondie, the editor of Vogue, a Mexican artist famous for her self-portraits, the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom, female astronauts and many, many more.

The Eurythmics had a song in the 1980s called "Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves," an empowering duet featuring Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin about how much progress women have made in what was once a man's world. Women have made even greater strides in the decades since then, but there is still work to be done. Learning about these women's contributions to history would be an excellent place to start. Do you think you can identify them from only a picture and a hint? Prove it!

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