Can We Guess Your Education Level Based On Your Logic Skills?

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Only 1 in 100 Americans pass this quiz.

If you can solve these puzzles, your iq is in the top 1%. Logic is generally defined as being the systematic study of valid inference. If that's a little dry for you, think of it this way -- logic is how we try to make the best possible decisions without the interference of pesky human emotions. Since its inception in Ancient Greece (where it's credited to Aristotle, though many of its tenets can be credited to Aristotle's own influences like Plato and Socrates), some of humanity's greatest minds have sought and struggled to unlock the secrets and intricacies of rational thought. People have revered logic for centuries, from the age of the legendary Greek philosophers, through Renaissance and Enlightenment thinkers like Emmanuel Kant and Friedrich Nietzsche, right up to the modern times (where one of the primary races on Star Trek, the Vulcans, worship and prize logic above all else). Most Americans think they're very logical -- very good at solving problems through reason rather than emotion. But they're wrong. I mean, humanity in general isn't that great at logic, and Americans are, quite frankly, unusually bad at it. The fact is, very few people get over 50% on this quiz. And virtually no one gets every question right! See how you fare. Let’s Play
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