Quiz: Can You Name These Biblical Figures?

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Do you stand upon the Word of God?

97% of Christians can't name these biblical figures. Whether or not you believe The Bible is literal, one cannot understate its significance to our culture. This famous book compilation has stories present in three of the world's major religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. For many, it's the direct Word of God! And one of the best things about the Bible is the characters that were written about (whether they really lived or not) and the rich stories that they were involved in. Everyone should have some basic awareness of what these stories are, and what these Biblical figures mean to so many people all around the globe.

So in our Biblical figures quiz, we listed some of the obvious choices, like Abraham and Jesus and Mary. However, we also listed a few more that aren't always so recognizable. Do you know who Lydia in the New Testament is? You should! The great thing about this quiz is that it's fun, educational, and helps you be aware of the figures in the Bible you may have forgotten. We'll give you a hint... you pick the right name!

If you grew up going to Sunday School and church, this quiz should be easy-peasy... right? Learning stories from the Bible might have been a part of your daily life! So, without further ado, here is our Biblical figures quiz. Hopefully you haven't forgotten them all! Let’s Play
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