If You Pass This Test You Must Have Gone To Culinary School

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Foodies beware: only 1 in 10 Americans can pass this culinary quiz. Professional chefs with culinary school backgrounds know all kinds of fancy techniques with fancy names. What you call "cook" or "heat up," they call poach, braise, grill, flambe, and more. It all sounds so classy. Part of the reason for these fancy-pants food words and phrases is that many chefs are classically trained in the art of traditional French cuisine. The ones who aren't French chefs and who have been to culinary school have at least been given a background in the techniques that form the foundation of French cuisine. On top of that, there are so many gadgets, so many ways to cut and slice things, so many ways to prepare and present things -- you never stop learning. Well, if you're serious about food, that is. And many masters believe that you have to know the rules before you can bend the rules. That means even hot shot pioneers who coin their own terms and invent their own dishes still know the basics of their craft. Why do I tell you all this? Because food is serious business and chefs are serious students. Everyone thinks they can cook, and they're probably right to some degree, but professional chefs take food to the level of art. They didn't just get lucky and make something tasty. They drew from a broad and deep knowledge to intentionally flavors and textures. So you think you're a chef? Let's see if you're smart enough to be among them, or if you should just keep your go-to pasta recipe to yourself. Let’s Play
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