Quiz: Can You Identify All These Things?

Do you know what this is?

91% of Americans can't identify these things from a picture. Since the dawn of human history, we have been making STUFF. Some of the first humans made their lives better with tools. Maybe those tools were just a rock they found that was a good shape. Or maybe it was a piece of wood that they used the rock to shape. As time went on, people started to invent more and more things. Things that let us see distant worlds in the night sky, like a telescope. Things that let us do math more easily, like an abacus. Even things that allowed books to be printed, like the printing press.

Most people own at least a few things. Some Americans seem to believe that you will be happier if you have more things, but we're not sure if that's the case. Other people think that getting rid of a lot of your things is the solution, but we're not sure about that either. Regardless of how you feel about things, you probably have some in your house. You have a closet full of things. There are probably cabinets with things in them in your kitchen. You are surrounded by things every day. Some of these things are tools. Others, household objects. Still others are food items. Can you correctly identify them from a picture? Surprisingly, lots of people can't get 100% on this test. Do you think you can? Give it a try! We believe in you.

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