Quiz: How Much Italian Do You Know?

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93% of Americans can't pass this italian quiz. Italy, as a country, didn't even really exist until relatively recently. We all know about ancient Rome, of course, but the country we now know as Italy was only cobbled together from various regions and cities in the 19th century. When you think about the fact that Rome itself has thousands of years of history, 150 years is just not that long a time. That being said, Italy is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Italy is synonymous with great food, gorgeous art, and of course - the finest reds and whites in the world. And there's something about the Italian language that is just so beautiful to hear. When we talk about "Italian," we're talking about a specific dialect that's taught to English speakers, but Italy has almost as many dialects as it has people! The residents of Sicily speak in a very different way from the residents of Abruzzo. It's wild how different they sound! However, most Americans are at least a little bit familiar with Italian words because we've borrowed so many of their delicious foods. But do you know these other words and phrases from the language of amore? Buona fortuna - that means good luck! Let’s Play
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