Quiz: Can You Identify The Animal From Its Tracks?

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Which animal leaves which footprint?

93% of Americans can't identify these animals from their tracks. Animals have all sorts of tracks, from birds to reptiles to mammals (OK, fish don't, but that's only because they don't have feet). From the hippopotamus to the rabbit to the emu, nothing can help leaving their mark in the dirt. And those tracks have long been to our collective benefit; people have been using them since roughly the beginning of humanity in order to track animals, most often for hunting but more recently for things like scientific and naturalist purposes. The greatest outdoorspersons can tell a lot just from simple tracks -- a lot more than just, for example, "a chicken was here at some point recently." Sherlock Holmes, for instance, could tell you just from the tracks that the chicken's name was Sebastian, he walked with a limp on account of an old war wound, and he'd been thinking about ordering a new ladle off Amazon but couldn't find one in the color he liked (chartreuse). So how many of those tracks can you name from a picture and a hint? Are you a master tracker on par with Crocodile Dundee, or would you mistake a lion's tracks for the bootprints of Karl Paduccio, World's Greatest Forensic Podiatrist? Take our quiz and find out whether you're an expert or just some average dingus. Steve in accounting bet us you were definitely a dingus, but screw that guy -- why don't you do us both a favor and prove Steve wrong? Let’s Play
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