Can You Identify These Balls From A Picture?

Let’s Play 

How many balls have you seen?

Can you name all of these types of balls? Get your mind out of the gutter, we're talking about sports balls here. You know, that object we love so much, we pay people millions of dollars to use it just so we can watch? We all know footballs and soccer balls, but did you know there are hundreds of sports out there that use balls? It's true. There are baseballs, basketballs, handballs, squash balls, polo balls, croquet balls, and even hacky sacks. That's a lot of balls. Some ball games involve horses, some involve water, some have specialty fields or arenas with specialty goals, and some are just played in the streets by kids. I'm willing to wager that there's not a person in the world who hasn't either played with a ball or watched others play with a ball. Sports are one of humankind's most popular pastimes. We love sports whether we're getting the winning point in an intense playoff game, or whether we're getting completely leveled by our opponent. Plus, without balls, what excuse would we have for all those parties, tailgates, and days at the stadium? You'd have to like, stay home and mow your grass, or something. Nobody wants to mow grass. Unless, of course, you're mowing the grass so that people can play sports on it! Yes, yes. In conclusion, there are so many balls in the word of all shapes and sizes. Let's see how many of them you can identify. Let’s Play
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