Quiz: Can You Beat Our Quiz On Philosophy 101?

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You think, therefore you take a quiz.

95% of you can't beat this philosophy quiz. Throughout all of human history, as our brains evolved from those of primates to those of logical, intelligent Homo sapiens... we've been thinking about stuff. Lots of stuff, in fact. At some point, our lives stopped being about survival and started being more abstract. We gathered intelligence, learned about other people, and started asking a lot of questions. Instead of "If I eat this random red berry, will I die?" it became more like "Who am I and where did I come from?" and "What is the meaning of our existence?" And thanks to the study of philosophy, many people have theorized the answers behind those popular questions.

The advent of western philosophy came from the exchanges of Socrates, who taught Plato, who himself taught Aristotle, who ended up rejecting most of what he'd been taught in the first place! In parts of Asia, however, philosophy had already been a big part of people's lives for years, thanks to guys like Confucius and Gautama Buddha, who had prescribed theories on how life should be lived to the extent that some of their ideas became the basis of entire religions. And onward through history we have folks like Sartre, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche... all people who had a great impact on the way we think.

So, do you believe that you know a lot about philosophy? Prove it! Take our quiz. Let’s Play
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