QUIZ: Could You Pass A US Citizenship Test?

The real citizenship exam ISN'T multiple choice.

Are you smart enough to pass a US citizenship test? Becoming an American citizen is tough; in addition to just plain old luck as far as whether the country will take you, there's all sorts of hoops you have to jump through. In particular, you have to actually be able to pass a citizenship test. Yup, that's a real thing and not something we just made up! The test grills you on your knowledge of American history, your understanding of civics and American government, and which US state is which, just to name a few topics. It's so tough, in fact, that even if you were born here, we bet you couldn't do that well on it. Do you know how long a US senator's term is? What about which territory we purchased from France in 1803? How about who our first-ever president was? Or which are the chambers of the US Congress? So why not test how good a citizen you actually are? If you think this quiz is hard, then you'd be in trouble with the real test! The real citizenship exam has 100 questions -- and it ISN'T multiple choice. Only around 2% of American citizens can actually pass. You probably aren't one of them -- most of us just aren't that smart. Think you can prove us wrong? Take this quiz and find out for yourself!

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