27 Parents Who Came Up With AWESOME Family Halloween Costumes

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The family that disguises together - surprises together.

Some people think of Halloween as mostly for kids. Kids love to dress up in spooky disguises and run around their neighborhood begging for candy from strangers. (When it's put that way, it sounds a little odd, actually.) But true Halloween fans know that there's no age limit on Halloween fun. Whether you're 5 or 85, you can put together a fun costume (or, you know, buy one from the weird Halloween store that only exists for the six weeks before Halloween) and have some slightly scary fun on this late-October holiday.

But the best Halloween costumes are the ones you plan together with a group - and what better group is there than your family? Some of these were probably chosen by the kids - a Sesame Street or Paw Patrol theme is probably the brainchild of an elementary schooler. But there are also family costumes that clearly display the parents' sensibilities as well - Beetlejuice family, anyone? So take a tour through these fun, silly, and sometimes a tiny bit scary costumes to get some ideas for your next Halloween party. Whether you make them or buy them, the real fun is hanging out with your favorite people and going HAM on some candy. Get Started