19 Crazy Laws You Could Be Breaking Right Now

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Laws are put into place to help keep our society in check. Many laws are useful and sensible, like the ones about not taking other people's stuff, or not inappropriately touching other people when they haven't consented. Great job on those laws, lawmakers! People who do those things should be punished and/or rehabilitated, depending on how and why they committed those crimes.

But many laws are just a little... silly. We've all heard about someone getting picked up by the cops for simply walking across the street in the wrong place. Like, I get that jaywalking laws are there to protect us and help traffic flow better, but does it really help anyone to write a ticket for a person who's just trying to get to work on time? Can we live??

But that's not even the silliest law we've ever heard of. The laws in this slideshow are wild... like really wild. They were put on the books back when people regularly rode horses down the street and no one thought to repeal that law, so it's still technically a law wild. You honestly won't believe some of these are real, and we don't blame you. But you can fact-check us all you want, and you'll find the same thing: these laws are real. So don't go breaking any of them! Get Started