23 Risque Historical Facts That Will Make You Blush (Or Possibly Gag)

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My teachers skipped these stories!!

You probably think of people in the past as being very buttoned-up and boring. But humans have been humans for all of history. And if you've met any humans...you know they're kind of dirty-minded. Even the ones you think might be prim and proper...they have secrets you don't know about. So when you think about the people back in Victorian times, don't think of the people you see in photographs, looking dour and frowning. Imagine what they were like when they weren't posing for the camera. Were they telling dirty jokes? Maybe. Were they farting and then laughing about it? Probably. (People have been farting for as long as there have been people...or beans.) Were your ancestors known for their salacious furniture collection? Anything is possible! The stories you're told in history class are the ones that historians thought were "appropriate," not the ones that showed the true nature of humanity. But the fun stories are the ones you NEVER hear in history class. Are you ready to hear some of those? You might be surprised to find out which classical composer wrote a song called "Lick Me in the..." Or which President of the United States was known for his graphic letters to his mistress. Read on and find out just how filthy our ancestors were. Get Started