27 Hilariously Hipster Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is SO over.

What is a hipster? The definition varies from place to place and even person to person, but usually it has to do more with an attitude than anything else. If you're someone who likes to enjoy things "ironically" instead of genuinely, you might be a hipster. If you think trying is stupid, you might be a hipster. If you only like things that no one else has heard of, you might be a hipster.

That said, there are also some fashion choices that many people associate with hipsters, like chunky glasses, complicated haircuts, and plaid shirts. Some people are hipsters all year round - that's just how they roll. But other people only get their hipster on at Halloween time.

Whether it's a hipster version of a popular character (like Hipster Ariel) or just a really hisptery costume (like literally any character from a Wes Anderson movie), these Halloween costumes are serving hipster style in spades. Just add a few key details, like a pair of Warby Parkers, a knit cap, and a bored expression, and you too can be a Halloween hipster! Maybe you'll get some good ideas for Halloween - or maybe you'll just laugh. Either way, enjoy! Get Started