33 Hilarious Photos Of Couples In Totally Genius Halloween Costumes

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Halloween costumes are better in pairs.

Couple costumes are the best. Whether you go with a significant other or a friend, it's always more fun to plan a costume idea with another person. It gives you more room for creativity and makes it more likely that you'll win some sort of costume contest, should you choose to enter one (and assuming that it's okay to enter as a couple or a group, of course). Nowadays, images of the perfect couple costumes go viral if they're good enough. We love to see all the clever outfits you all come up with! They're so delightful and wonderful.

In this list, we go beyond typical couples' costumes (think Disney couples or celebrity couples) and find outfits that are truly unique. Great things come in pairs and these amazing Halloween costumes are no exception. Grab your significant other or best friend and start planning your Halloween costumes NOW. It's not too late yet! And psst: if you don't come up with a clever couples' costume by Halloween, you can always wear these as cosplay to a convention. That's equally as fun as dressing up for a Halloween party! So without further ado, please check out our brilliant couple costumes! Get Started