These 25 Revolting Vintage Hygiene Tips Are Actually Real

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The most dangerous beauty tips ever.

Throughout history, both men and women (but let's be real, mostly women) have done things in the name of beauty that were dangerous and unhealthy. Why are we, as humans, so obsessed with how we look? Well, most people take in the world through their eyes - and what we see determines so much of how we react to a person or a situation. And with what we know now about how a person's perceived attractiveness affects how they're treated, it's no wonder that everyone wants to try to make themselves more "beautiful," whatever that means for the time and place they live in. In some cultures, maybe that means you look thinner. In others, a fatter person is more beautiful. In some cultures, pale skin is prized, while in others, a darker complexion is what is "desirable." There's no one way to look that will make you beautiful to everyone in the world, so ultimately, you should probably just do what makes you look beautiful to your own self. But maybe don't do any of the things on this list, because they're kind of gross and weird. Take a trip through some of history's strangest fashion and beauty trends - some of which are still happening today. Get Started