We Found Them: The 23 Trashiest Tattoos Ever Seen

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*opens eyes, pours bleach into them*

Tattoos have a long and glorious history. In the olden days, the only people who got tattoos were sailors and people who were planning to become part of a freak show. But nowadays, lots of people have tattoos. Some people like to get tattoos that mean something to them. Maybe they got a tattoo to remember a loved one who passed away, or perhaps they got a tattoo with a group of friends to remember a fun time they had together. Other people aren't so concerned about the "meaning" of the tattoo, but they want something that's aesthetically pleasing. And other people just like to have as much ink as possible from as many cool artists as possible. These are all great ways to get tattoos! But here's the thing: not every single tattoo is in good taste. We all make bad decisions while young, and sometimes those tattoos don't seem as clever or cute in retrospect. We've all seen a white person with some Chinese script on their arm, or someone who clearly got that Tasmanian Devil tattoo in the 90s. You probably know a couple of people who have a bad tattoo like this. These tattoos, however, are on a whole other level. You won't believe how trashy they are. Get Started