25 Things Millennials Think Are Actually Cool That Totally Aren't

Millennials are the worst.

Byeee! 29 hilariously lame millennial things that aren't cool at all. There used to be a glorious, golden American culture full of hard workers and people. There weren't any "safe spaces" and no one got "triggered" by anything. Then, everything changed. Kids these days didn't have the solid parenting of yesteryears past. Enter the millennials. If there's one group of people who have ruined everything, it's definitely the millennials. These entitled, spoiled brats have brought the worst aspects of culture into the mainstream.

Plus, they think so many things are cool... but they're not! What is so great about the band known as "The Chainsmokers"? They sound terrible! These millennials took actual talent and replaced it with auto-tune. Then the men started wearing man-buns and male rompers and lace boxers! What happened to our culture? The women aren't much better with their stupid makeup trends and wearing leggings as pants! What has society come to?

But between all the microbrews, the stupid whole foods, and the vaping, millennials and hipsters think they've created a fun and interesting counterculture. Check out our slideshow of things millennials actually think are cool... but actually are not cool at all.

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