The 39 Most Awkward Swimsuits In The World

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People actually wore these outdoors.

Swimsuits are the worst. At best, they're those stretchy pieces of fabric that keep sand and seaweed trapped against our private parts. At worst, they make us feel uncomfortable and unattractive (even though we're not unattractive, obviously). They're so unforgiving. It's like, even if you had a medium lunch, you'll feel bloated in your swimsuit. And how many people won't even wear one? How many people would rather avoid the beach altogether, or dip in the pool wearing soggy, heavy shorts and a t-shirt? Well, I say it's time to cast off the body shame and swimsuit hatred once and for all. Plus size people are rocking fatkinis with pride, as they should, and are looking beautiful. People of all sizes have this power. They can say "this is my body. This is what it looks like. No shame in my game!" They can chose swimsuits because they have amazing designs and not because the swimsuits were designed to cover "problem areas." What better way to reclaim the swimsuit than to make it as awkward and ridiculous and possible? I think that's a splendid plan. Laughter is healing. It's a conversation starter. It's something we all have in common. I think it's a great place to start the body love revolution. Lucky for you, there are people in the world who have mastered the art of awkward swimwear. Let us gawk together. Get Started