Thanks, Baby Boomers: 27 Photos Of The Ugliest Retro Furnishings Ever

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So. Much. Floral. Wallpaper.

Everyone's always talking about how Baby Boomers ruined the housing market, the economy, and the planet, but nobody ever talks about the real issue: the unchecked, rampant use of floral wallpaper among this generation. It's true. Floral wallpaper isn't the only offense. There are also tragic decor pieces like glass coffee tables with gold legs, giant wooden hutches, hairy-looking carpets, hunter green, mauve, cranberry... I could go on. And I think I will. Wallpaper borders. Everything matchy-matchy. Gigantic overstuffed furniture. A need to fill every nook, cranny, crack, and/or crevice with some kind of figurine, fake plant, or decorative handicraft. It's too much. I can't. The few millennials who can buy houses have to practically gut them because of Boomer excess and just plain poor design taste. That's right. Your bad design choices have robbed us of what little disposable income we have, because we have to rip out your gold and marble bath tubs and replace them with someone a sane, rational person would buy. That's OK. We didn't want to pay off our student loans or have children anyway. In fact, I'm not even sure why we're buying houses. We can't afford houses! You know you're so curious to see some of these terrible baby boomer decor examples. Be prepared, though. Some of them are shocking. And some of them have a shocking number of teddy bears. It's intense. Let's go on a tour of 27 of the worst offenders. Get Started