29 Hilarious Examples Of What People Bought VS What They Got

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Wait, hold up.

If you're old like me, you remember a time when online shopping was always a gamble. Buying things you can't try on? What? And I'm not saying this isn't a problem for men, but women's sizes are a nightmare. Everyone who wears women's clothes knows that you can be a size three in one store and a size 18 in another. It's madness. Plus, when you shop online, you don't get to feel the fabric and see how it moves and stretches. You don't get to do those awkward jiggles and waistband checks. Despite all of these online shopping problems, buying clothes (and stuff) online is isn't just popular, it's a part of everyday life. Malls and brick and mortar clothing stores are folding because online shopping has stolen a huge chunk of their profits. It's a weird concept, too. When you shop online, you can't touch things, but you can see pictures and measurements, and that helps. Plus, most online retailers have decent return or exchange policies. We feel safe shopping online Still, no matter how confident we are with ordering stuff online, the fact remains that there are good places to shop online and not-so-good places. The not-so-good places don't just sell bad products, they often deceive buyers with fake pictures and exaggerated item descriptions.These people took a gamble with some of the not-so-good online stores, and their results were hilarious. Get Started