25 Trashy Chest Tattoos On Women That Are Just The Worst

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Taking trashy to new levels.

25 shockingly awful chest tattoos these women actually got. It's fairly common these days for women to get chest or breast ink, and often these tattoos are beautiful and tasteful reflections of who they are. Until they're not.

Social media sites like Pinterest are littered with ideas for cool ink, and usually they include professionally shot images of young, attractive women with delicately drawn filigree patterns, birds or lotus mandelas on their chests and upper bodies in black and white or color.

Then there are those poor ladies who made possibly the worst decision of life to get their chosen tattoo(s) -- from crude sayings, misspelled proverbs and offensive images to just plain ugly drawings of meaningless junk. There's the girl that had a package of Skittles drawn huge on her cleavage. Or the ladies that had actual eyes drawn on their boobs. Or the classy gal with "I Fill Free" emblazoned across her chest. Yep, you get the idea.

Sadly, the group of ladies we have collected here for your viewing pleasure will probably want to have their terrible tattoos removed in a few years, if not immediately. Check out our slideshow of the worst chest tattoos on women you've ever seen and prepare to be horrified! Get Started
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