These Are The 33 Oldest Color Photos Anyone's Ever Seen

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The past wasn't in black and white.

Manipulating photographic images has been around for as long as there have been photographs to manipulate. Early photographic tricks include double-exposures, cutting and pasting, or using development techniques that cause images to look different from they did in reality. We think of photographs as a representation of reality, but here's the thing: reality is constantly changing. A photograph, meanwhile, never changes. Have you ever seen a photograph of a person in motion, like an athlete, making the craziest face you've ever seen? They didn't have that look on their face in reality, because it only lasted for a second. But when that second is captured on film, it becomes a new reality, a reality where they did make that face. We think of the world of early photography - and of the past itself - as being exclusively in black and white. However, there WERE color photos... and not just black and white photos that have since been digitally colorized! Though it was expensive and hard to come by, some people did have special cameras that allowed them to capture colors (especially red) in their pictures. Check out this slideshow of our favorites! Get Started