27 People Married To Inanimate Objects

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Yes, you read that right...

When you were a kid, did you ever wonder what your wedding would be like? Did you dream of maybe a white dress with a long veil? Did you picture your family church decorated in fresh flowers or a beautiful botanical garden in the spring? Did you agonize over who would be in your wedding party? Did you write your vows to your beloved? Well, these people did the same thing, except to these people, the church would actually be the one getting married. Yes, these people are object-sexuals. They feel the same feelings toward objects as most people feel about other humans when they're crushing. Some people feel romantic leanings toward people and objects, while others are strictly attracted to stuff. What kind of stuff? Well, there are object-sexuals who are in serious, committed relationships (and even married) to cars, bridges, buildings, carnival rides, monuments, anime characters, dolls, and even pillows. If it exists, there's probably a person who wants to marry it. Or at least date it to see if they feel that special romantic spark that signals true love. Come take a peek into the lives and marriages of some of the most devoted object-sexuals in the world. Find out exactly how they fell in love and how far they take that love, including if they have consummated their marriages. You know you're super curious. Get Started