31 Times Kids Gave Themselves (And Each Other) Creative Haircuts

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You turn your back for ONE minute...

No matter how good of a parent you are, you can't have your eyes on your kid every single second of every single day. Kids know this, too, and they use those unsupervised moments as an opportunity for mischief. Most of the time, they're just making messes or touching things they're not supposed to be touching, but sometimes you explore the suspicious silence to find your child bald with a pair of scissors in their hands. Or maybe you find one kid standing over the other kid with the dig clippers and a pile of hair on the floor. Usually it's right before school pictures, a wedding, or some other kind of big event, because that's just how life works. Even though it's just hair and you know it grows back, it's hard not to be devastated by the ruined appearance of your perfect, precious baby. Here's the upside, though. You now have the opportunity to take some epic embarrassing photos to show to your kid's future spouse or college roommates. High five to that! The kids in this list have not only cut their own hair, they've entered into the territory of full-on hair disaster. You'll laugh, but then you'll probably be like "Oh, honey, no! Why did you do that!" We hear you. We did the same thing. Get Started