27 People Who Must Have Lost A Bet

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At least they paid up.

Have you ever been chillin' with your bros, maybe having a couple of brews, and the egos got a little high? Maybe some words were said? Maybe a ridiculous bet was made? Well then you have something in common with these people. They all wrote checks their asses couldn't cash. They placed bets with huge stakes and then had to eat their words.

In this case, these bet losers didn't just have to humiliate themselves in front of their buddies. Their humiliations went down in public. And then they went viral. Yes, thanks to the Internet, there is no safe haven for humiliating moments.

You'll also sees some prime examples of people who broke the cardinal rules of friendly betting, which are NO TATTOOS and NO HAIRCUTS. Yeah, a few of these people got tattoos or haircuts so fail that their great-great-great-great-great grandparents are still feeling the shame they brought to the family from beyond the grave.

Even though there are a lot of bet losers in the pages ahead, let's not forget there are also some huge winners. That's right, I'm talking about us. Because we get to witness the glory of the ridiculous messes these people got themselves into. And yes, most of them are guys. There are a few women, of course, because women are capable of being stupid, too. We just don't do it as often as men. ;)

Keep this in mind next time you have the urge to make a big bet with a buddy. Once your humiliation is on the Internet, it lives on forever. Get Started