We Found Them: The 31 Grossest Things People Ate Before Tide Pods

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From Tide pods to cow urine... why?

DO NOT EAT ANYTHING MENTIONED IN THIS SLIDESHOW. You will die or get sick or something. That's all I'll say about that. I'm not responsible for your personal choices, but I advise you strongly to never attempt to eat anything you see in a random online slideshow about dangerous, dumb, or gross things. Just because other people ate them does not mean you have to, okay? If all your friends jumped off a bridge, you wouldn't do it, would you? Of course not. So there's our official warning. I don't want to get a call from any of your lawyers, got it?

So throughout history, people have eaten some things that maybe they weren't supposed to eat. Sometimes, it was for a dare or for laughs, in a sideshow performance... or even a YouTube challenge. Sometimes, it was an impulse related to an eating disorder called pica, that makes people crave non-food items. Other times, it's a religious or cultural tradition that might be considered dangerous, disgusting, or strange to other people. Either way, I don't think ANYONE needs to eat any of these weird foods today. So check out our slideshow of bizarre things that people have eaten throughout history... we think you'll gag. Get Started