27 Absolute Worst Bridezilla Behaviors

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Can you say Crazy-town?

Wow, do we feel better about our own weddings after finding out how awful certain bridezillas can be! For all the joy and celebration, getting married can also be a stressful experience. Making extensive preparations to tie the knot (involving many people from different parts of your life) can bring out the worst in people. And certainly did for the brides you're about to read about.

Were these bridezillas terrible before getting married and the wedding prep just gave their worst qualities a grand stage? Or did the pressure of throwing an immaculate, once-in-a-lifetime party while looking flawless simply send decent people over the edge? We don't know. But we can say this: you will be shocked and amazed by the shamelessness of these terrible bride requests and behaviors!

It's normal to want to feel in control of your Big Day. But these brides have warped the true meaning of a wedding with their attempts to micro-manage every detail.

Read on if you need a pick-me-up on how you're doing as a person (hint: it's at least 95% better than these ladies) or you just want to laugh at the insane lengths people will go to make their nuptials "perfect"! Get Started