19 Ways Food Photography Is A Total Lie

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That's not milk.

We see pictures of food almost every day, just moving through the world. Countless billboards for restaurants tout their delicious dishes as we make our way to work. We see that same ad for Popeye's during EVERY ad break during our favorite show (so much so that it actually works and we have to go to Popeye's to try those new ghost pepper wings). You know that these food photos are probably not exactly what you're going to get when you see the food in real life - but did you know that a lot of food photography is just straight-up LIES?

While there are rules about what can be fake in an advertising photo - the food has to be real if it's the thing you're advertising - there are plenty of tricks that food photographers and stylists use in the pictures of food you see each day. Is that burger really hot enough to melt that cheese? Is that baked potato really producing all that steam? And is that really ice cream? You'll find out the answers to these questions as you make your way through this slideshow - and some of this stuff is really going to freak you out! I couldn't believe some of these tricks. Get Started