If You Laugh At These Brutal Roasts, You're A Bad Person

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If you're not familiar with roasts, let me clue you in. On good old Reddit.com, there exists a community where you can post a picture of yourself with a sign that says "roast me." Once you do, the floodgates have been opened for all of the Internet to lob their most brutal insults upon you. Yes, you read that right. There are people in the world who volunteer to have the Internet insult them on purpose.

Many of these roasts are same old, same old. They throw around fat shaming and slut shaming and all that. Boring. Unoriginal. But every once in a while, you come across a roast that's next-level clever or super harsh. Those are the roasts in this slideshow. They're the best of the best. Well, they're more like the best of the worst, but you get it. Some of them are truly brutal!

What do you think? Are you brave enough to face the Internet's snarkiest, most clever jerks? It's a no from me, guys. I'm a tender-heart bear. I'd rather just tuck in and read all of the terrible things the folks in this community have to say about others. Care to join me? Get Started