31 Incredibly Terrible Tweets For Incredibly Terrible People

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You'll feel guilty at your laughter.

Twitter is an interesting place. It's also a horrible place that no one should ever go to, which is why we cannot ever stop looking at it. Seriously, have you tried looking away? It's basically impossible -- we should know, because every day we think, "today is the day I finally give up that horrible, awful website." Every day, though, we get right back to checking our newsfeed with nary a break even for Facebook. To be fair, it's consistently the most entertaining of all the social media websites. What, are you going to go to Snapchat and look at pictures of people with cat ears all day, or Instagram and peruse the millions upon millions of photos of peoples' lunches? As if. Anyway, some funny tweets on the internet are just good, wholesome family fun. Some are very, very much the opposite of that. This is a collection of tweets that fit into the latter category. So whether you are yourself a terrible person (hey, we're not judging, we're right there with you in that boat), or simply have a dark streak hidden somewhere within the recesses of your soul, read on and enjoy some of the worst, and yet best, tweets the internet has ever produced. Get Started