The Absolute Craziest Restaurant In Every State

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Wait, you can eat WHERE?!

America is a diverse country filled with diverse people. Given that, it's no surprise that one of the areas where the country most heavily shows that diversity would be in food -- specifically, restaurants. From Thai to Burgers to Chinese to Tacos to French to Italian cooking, America features interesting restaurants in every possible discipline. But what about restaurants that aren't just good, but are also just plain weird? Well, the Land of the Free has you covered there, too. And while you might think you'd find these sorts of weird eateries only in big cities like New York City or Los Angeles or San Francisco, you'd be wrong -- every state features more than a few. So have you ever been to a restaurant inside a converted shipping container? Or one where the entire staff dresses up like "ninjas" and mimes "attacks" on you during your meal? Or a restaurant where the walls are covered in singing fish? Or how about a restaurant where you eat your meal out of a baby bottle? Or even one where you get bread rolls thrown at your head whenever you want (which is, for some people, apparently a frequency greater than "never")? Here are 50 of the weirdest restaurants in America, one for every single state. Get Started