This Is Why Everyone Hates You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Can we find your crazy?

This is the worst thing about you, according to your zodiac sign. Astrology is a complicated thing. When you read your horoscope, you're reading your sun sign, but did you know your sun sign is only the highlight reel of your personality? You have a moon sign, and a sign for every different planet, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's the combination of all those characteristics, plus where the planets fall into your houses that make up the full picture of who you are.

That being said, some things are just so true for each sign that it's rare for them to be untrue. Those are the things we're talking about today -- those annoying habits, those bad qualities, and the places in your astrological chart where you hide your crazy. When you're living your best most balanced life, this isn't you. When you're on your BS, though, this is you all day and twice on Sunday.

If these qualities don't resonate with you, they're likely the qualities of your moon or rising signs. You'll see. It's startlingly accurate. It's these traits that have your friends and family shaking their heads. These are the reasons everyone hates you. Time to put on your big kid underpants and deal with your drama. Let's do this! Get Started