A Man Was Found Dead On A Beach With A Cryptic Message. Was He A Spy?

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It's a real life Agatha Christie!

On the morning of December 1, 1948, a well-dressed man was spotted resting against a wall on Somerton Beach in Australia. Just like most people who visited the beach, he looked peaceful and relaxed, as if he had been enjoying the morning sun. However, it didn't take long before unlucky beachgoers realized he was actually dead. The problem was that no one knew who the man was, how he got there, or how he died. Plus, as clues began appearing and the story began unraveling, investigators soon realized that the mystery of the Somerton Man went far beyond that one little beach in South Australia. In the weeks, months and decades that have transpired since December 1, 1948, investigators have uncovered an endless series of revelations and suspicious characters that have all linked back to the Somerton Man. Truly, the amount of shocking secrets that have popped up regarding this case rival anything on CSI. In fact, the case has proven so fascinating that investigators have continued to link it to events in 2018. So read on to see if you think you can handle this disturbing tale of trickery, deceit, and baffling secret codes. Get Started