Try Not To Laugh At These 29 Weird Promotional Vehicles

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They had a mission.

Promotional vehicles are modified cars, trucks, vans, buses or other machines that are modified -- sometimes drastically -- to call attention to a company's product. Other times the artwork on the vehicles creates an optical illusion that catches the attention of passers-by. You've probably seen a Wienermobile, which is car in the shape of an Oscar Mayer hot dog, at some point in your life. One city zoo created a bus banner that looks as if a giant anaconda is constricting the entire vehicle. Cadbury Creme Egg created a car in the shape of its Easter candy with the gooey filling. Speaking of Easter, we also found a picture of a Easter Bunny car, complete with basket. Sometimes there are even unofficial promotional vehicles, like the janky one we found for Finding Nemo. We also found official promotional vehicles for Planters, Red Bull, Arrowhead, Bushy's, Zippo, Cora, Dunkin' Donuts, Goldfish, Life Saves, Meineke, Heineken, McCain and many more.

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