31 Examples Of Sneaky Packaging That Will Make You Angry

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You're not getting what you paid for.

31 companies that thought they could get away with the sneakiest packaging imaginable. Sometimes it seems like companies will go to any length to avoid spending money -- they cut worker salaries, nickel and dime suppliers, and just generally penny pinch in all the worst possible ways. Granted, a lot of the time, all those cost-cutting measures are meant to give company execs golden parachutes, to which I can only respond "READY THE GUILLOTINES." Haha, but seriously, our corporate system is laughably broken and we're heading towards the precipice of social and economic disaster. Again.

Anyway, what usually DOESN'T happen when these sorts of entities want to cut costs is the company finding incredibly sneaky ways to nickel and dime the consumer in such an obvious fashion as to pretty much mathematically eliminate the possibility of repeat business. Sometimes it does, though, and we've got the photos to prove it. It seems to happen in every industry: stickers, glue, soup, frozen pizza (SO much frozen pizza) sandwiches -- the situation is anything but limited to a few types of examples here and there.

Ready to see a whole bunch of images of sneakily-packaged products that will have you spitting with unbridled rage? Here you go, because we've got 31 of them. Get Started