19 Foods Before -- And After -- They've Been Harvested

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Some of these look CRAZY.

Food is delicious -- we all love food. OK, true, there are people out there who don't particularly like food, but they're sad and weird and we can't imagine any of them are taking this quiz. Honestly, they should be more pitied than anything. But for the rest of us, food is a huge part of our every day existence. But for as often as you eat food, how frequently do you give even a thought to what it must've looked like before it was taken from its natural state and cooked? We're not talking what it looks like when you buy it from the supermarket here -- nah, we're going even further back. What do some of your favorite foods look like when they're still growing from a tree or in the ground or off of a vine? Which ones are generally recognizable as what they will eventually become, and which ones look nothing remotely like their final form?

Ready to see the incredible transformations in the visual appearance of some of your favorite fruits, nuts, and vegetables from farm to table? Here are 19 foods before and after they get taken off the vine (or tree, or ground, or...wherever). Get Started