Someone Actually Got These 29 Horrifying Manicures

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They definitely did not nail it.

Getting manicures and pedicures is so much fun. The manicurist gently takes your hands, soaks them in water, massages them, pampers them, and then turns your fingernails from plain to dazzling! And if you're really creative, you can do it yourself. The DIYers like to try new, bold designs on their nails, and show them off to the world -- some of these designs are really breathtaking! So of course, photographing them on Instagram important too. And hey, that's okay. Nail design is definitely an art, and it's always okay to push the boundaries of art to see what new, clever, beautiful or interesting concepts that we can come up with.


What you are about to see is none of that. These hilariously bad manicures are probably something that the designer might have thought was "art," but it's actually horrifyingly tacky. For some of these nail designs, however, that was the point: the "artist" wants us to cringe or be grossed out, and well, congratulations; it worked. But maybe you'll even LIKE some of these and want one for yourself. We won't judge you... much. Check out our slideshow of the most horrifying manicures we've ever seen! Get Started